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In Year 6, we have been developing our understanding of angles in maths. We have also been learning how to convert between metric units of measurement and developing our understanding surrounding ratios in maths. In reading, we have been continuing to develop our skills in line with the VIPERS; there has been a heavy focus on retrieval and inference skills. In writing, we have been developing our skills to assist with the writing of a non-fiction explanation. 

In science, we have been looking at how children inherit specific characteristics from their parents and how animals are adapted to survive in their environment. In RE, we have been discussing the teachings of different religions regarding respect for humans and discussing how this links to respect in our own community. In PE, we have been developing our agility and coordination in line with our multi-skills unit.

Mr Dearing

March 2022


In Year 6, we have been building our understanding of decimals in Maths. This has included building our understanding of decimal place value (up to three decimal places) and our understanding of the relationship between decimals and fractions. For writing, we have developed our skills surrounding narrative writing and manipulated a range of writing devices for effect. In Reading, we have continued to develop our skills across a range of text types in line with the VIPERS (with a heavy focus on retrieval and inference).

In Science, we have been studying animals (including humans); this has involved us learning about the human circulatory system. In Geography, we have been looking at the environment, environmental issues that our planet is currently facing and solutions to these environmental issues. We have also been discussing our dreams and goals in PSHE and have been developing our gymnastics skills in PE.

We are looking forward to all of our learning to come over the rest of the term! 😊

Mr Dearing

January 2022


In Year 6, we have developed our knowledge and understanding surrounding addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in maths. This has included developing our understanding surrounding long multiplication, long division and the order of operations. We have also developed our knowledge and skills surrounding fractions, which has included converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers as well as recording fractions in their simplest form. In reading, we have continued to develop our skills surrounding the VIPERS, with a dominant focus on retrieval and inference. In writing, we completed and edited a persuasive speech and are currently in the process of preparing to write a bildungsroman, which will record the development of the main character throughout the story.  

In science, we have been learning about light, including how refraction works. In computing, we have been learning how to use spreadsheets effectively to record data. In RE, we have been discussing how religious beliefs that people may hold may help them during difficult times in life. In history, we have been learning about the Mayan civilisation and the advancements that people of this time were responsible for. In PE, we have been developing our football skills as well as learning about the different types of training that can be undertaken and the purposes of these types of training. 

Mr Dearing

December 2021


In Year 6, we have been developing our understanding of place value involving numbers up to 10 million. We have also been developing our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. In English, we have used and developed our writing skills and our knowledge of writing devices in order to write a story. We are now developing and applying the writing skills that are required to write a persuasive speech. In Reading, we have been developing our skills in line with the VIPERS, with a heavy focus on retrieval and inference. 


In Geography, we have studied the Amazon rainforest, how animals are adapted to live there, why it is an important part of our planet and the threats that it faces. In Science, we have been studying electricity and investigating the effects of particular variables (such as the length of the wire) on a circuit. We have greatly enjoyed using the knowledge that we have gained surrounding History throughout KS2 to put together an assembly!

Mr Dearing

October 2021


Wow! Year 6 Summer Term 2 – Where has the time gone? 

Firstly, thank you to each and every one of the Y6 children for their hard work, commitment to improving themselves and their overall improvements in teamwork and collaboration.  We are amazingly proud of the young adults you are growing into and wish that you could stay with us for longer.   Unfortunately though, it’s time for you to move on and seek new experiences, challenges and responsibilities so you can put your developing skills and talents to the test. 

This term we have been measuring our improvements in learning by completing previous SATs papers and also completing transition work for our new schools in September.  It really has been non-stop.  Well done everyone for your massive effort with this.

We now look forward to the events to celebrate the completion of our time at KGV.  The Leavers’ Assembly rehearsals have started, the sleepover letters have been returned and we are making the most of our last few weeks together - making memories with good friends.

As we look back on our year, we remember the fantastic ideas and styles of writing that we are so confident in reading out to our peers, the maths facts and strategies that once were so confusing that now just fall into place and the texts and books that have opened up new worlds and ideas.

Finally.  Three weeks to go.  Let’s create our last few memories together, let them be positive, amazing, inspirational and above all a true reflection of who we are and how we would like to be remembered.

KGV.  Year 6.   Class of 2021. Together, we can do this!

Mr Ogden

July 2021


Our final term at KGV!!!

Time flies when you're having fun (and working as hard as possible).

It seems like only yesterday it was September, we were practising routines and setting boundaries and ground rules for the year...... and now here we are. Just over one half term remaining of life at KGV.

Can we start by saying, it is absolutely fantastic to see the school alive and buzzing again, full of enthusiastic and motivated children ready to learn. They are a credit considering what a strange year it has been!

You are probably aware that there will be no formal SATs testing this year in Year 6 but it's still of the greatest importance that we make the most of every learning opportunity before the children start Year 7.  We want to make sure that every child is as prepared as they can be and have the tools they need to continue to succeed once they leave us.

In June, the children will be completing a program of transition work that has been set by the teachers of Sandwell High Schools and this work will be forwarded on to your child's school so initial assessments can be made and they can hit the ground running this September.  For three weeks, Year 6 will complete tasks in all of their familiar lessons (and some new ones as well) around the theme of the Titanic.  We hope this will go some way to answer some of the questions they may have around their learning next year.

We will also be ensuring that Year 6 maths, reading and writing skills continue to be a primary focus each day so that key learning is achieved and retrieved and then towards July we hope to be able to put on some traditional Year 6 Leavers events to make our last few days as memorable as possible.

Here's to a 100% effort, exemplary attitude and hardworking conclusion to the year.

Mr Ogden, May 2021


Welcome to Autumn 2 in Year 6!

As part of our continued drive to increase the number of children who are 'Reading for Pleasure' in Y6, we have been using Bug Club and Oxford Owl free e-books which provide a wide range of reading material and quizzes to improve our reading stamina. We also have two book shelves in the class library full of fiction and non-fiction for children to borrow, read, share and recommend. On this note, we would like to give a special mention to Layla in Year 6 who has managed to read and complete every single one of the titles on Bug Club. That's more than 600 books while at KGV! Great work Layla! 

We're particularly enjoying our new writing lessons and using 'lenses' to improve the content and effectiveness of our writing. Please ask us about the 'lenses' and how we're dropping them into texts to capture the reader's attention and imagination. Each unit of writing is based on a fantastic book and we have already studied great authors such as Michael Morpurgo and Neil Gaiman.

In maths we have survived and conquered 'long division' and we're still practising it every week to make sure we don't forget the strategies involved while in our current learning in fractions we're realising just how important our times table skills are.

In P.E. we have been finding out about the difference between 'continuous' and 'interval' training so we can really build up our fitness levels and the girls have been giving the boys the run-a-round in football practice and showing them how it should be done.

Finally, congratulations to Oscar and Abha, our two newest 'Handwriting Heroes', who received their Pen License in November. Well done both of you.

Mr Ogden

December 2020


Welcome to the Year 6 Blog!

In Year 6, we recognise that we are the children around school charged with creating the finest examples of behaviour and attitudes both inside and outside of the classroom.

We work together every day to improve ourselves as individuals and collaborate as a team to develop and grow as we start to prepare for school life beyond King George V.

We understand that learning involves working hard, being independent, showing resilience and developing a growth mindset to achieve our goals. We help and support each other. We are positive and we recognise that everyone of us is equal.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and can’t wait to share more of our learning with you this year!

Class 6

October 2020