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This term, class 5 have been celebrating reading week and British science week! We have been showcasing reading through the curriculum by immersing ourselves in fantastic texts across all of our subjects. 

During British science week, we have been focussing on ‘renewable energy’ and have been getting stuck right into lots of scientific experiments (building our own wind power machine and coal mining experiences using chocolate chip cookies!!).

In maths, we have been learning all things fractions and class 5 have been working incredibly hard when using improper and mixed number fractions. In art, we are drawing and creating wildlife projects. It has been a fantastic term so far. Looking forward to seeing all of the fantastic work! Work will be showcased on class dojo to celebrate! 

Miss Paul

March 2022


Class 5 have been working extremely hard this term! 

We have been learning all things Space! Class 5 have loved getting to grips with the Solar System and learning about life out in space!

In our history unit this term, we have been learning about the Vicious Vikings, considering the question of whether the Vikings would do anything for money! We have been learning how to use formal written methods to divide 4-digit numbers by 1-digit number as well as various multiplication methods. Class 5 are enjoying having their swimming sessions every week and are making so much progress as well as becoming competitive!

Well done to the children who went to Plas Gwynant! They conquered some of their fears by climbing mountains, gorge walking up waterfalls, abseiling and many more activities!

Overall, it's been a fantastic half-term so far. Let's see what the next few weeks bring ðŸ˜„ 

Miss Paul

January 2022



This term, Class 5 have been super engrossed in their learning.  

In Maths, we have been securing multiplication and division methods as well as learning how to use numbers up to 1 million! In our English lessons, Class 5 managed to write a persuasive pitch, which expresses their views on plastic pollution in our oceans. We need to make a change! 

In our Geography lessons, Class 5 have been learning all about the UK and our local area of the West Midlands. We are researching physical changes that have taken place over the years in our country. Class 5 have been extremely excited about our art lessons this term as we have been studying Ancient Egyptian Art, creating death masks. We will be using clay to create our own masks and also using paper mâché to add detail.   

Miss Paul

December 2021


This term in Class 5, we have been so engaged in our learning! We have learned some fantastic new things!  

We have kicked started our writing lessons this year using ‘Sentence Stacking’ in our lessons. We are writing an imaginative adventure story based on the novel ‘Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore’!  

In Maths, we are learning all about Place Value. Class 5 are recapping key arithmetic skills and learning using numbers up to one million!! We have also got off to a great start on all of our Year 5 targets – we can now round numbers up to a million!  

In Reading, Class 5 are focussing on the key VIPERS. We have been using our core reading skills, focussing especially on retrieving and inference! The class text that we are enjoying reading at the moment is the intriguing ‘Broccoli Boy!’ We have been on the edge of our seats trying to find out what happens next! 

In Science we are learning all about Properties of materials! Every week, we have been getting involved in practical science experiments to learn more about the properties of different materials and how and why they change. 

Our History unit this term is ‘The Anglo Saxons!’. We are researching who the Saxons were and debating whether they were considered to be a part of the Dark Age. 

In D&T, Class 5 have been building ‘marbulous structures’! We have been working in groups to build the tallest, strongest and most extravagant structure for our marble runs! 

Our RE unit this term is to consider how God is holy and loving. We have been learning some biblical texts and have been looking into the messages behind these stories.  

Miss Paul

October 2021


It has been a fantastic few weeks and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Class 5 again!

In Maths, we have been consolidating and deepening our understanding of decimal place value, this has also involved developing our reasoning and problem-solving skills. In English, we have used a variety of writing devices (such as relative clauses, similes, metaphors and personification) to plan and write a story. We have now begun to prepare to write a diary entry. In reading, we have been developing our reading skills across the VIPERS, with a heavy focus on retrieval and inference. 

In Science, we have been looking at forces and have conducted investigations into the effects of air resistance and the effects of water resistance. In Geography, we have been learning about trade, including where things, such as our clothes and fruit, come from. In Art, we have conducted research on and composed artwork based on Southern and Central American Art. In Computing, we have begun to look at 3D software in order to create items of furniture for a room. In PE, we have been developing our cricket skills, including batting, bowling and fielding, as well as continuing to develop our swimming skills.

We are looking forward to lots of exciting things we have planned for the final few weeks of term before we begin our journey in Class 6!

Mr Dearing

July 2021


In Year 5 this half term we have been looking at several new topics within the curriculum and have made more exciting discoveries!

We are now looking at Properties and the changes in materials as our Science focus. Investigations to see which materials are best for insulators and conductors have had the children buzzing with excitement and we have been surprised by a few of the outcomes.

In Geography, we are looking at our locality and how it has changed over time. We also know why the area will continue to change over time. We have used atlases and maps to see where we are in relation to other countries in Britain, Europe and the world.

Our Art project has been looking at different styles of artists such as David Hockney and Man Ray and we are looking forward to sculpting masks in the not too distant future.

PE has been all about the children learning different skills in their Multi-skills lessons and attack, defence and teamwork in our Rugby lessons. The children are just at the stage where they are able to have small, competitive games. I must say that some of the passing and movement of some children is worthy of them being on a locally recognised team.

Our theme in Music is called ‘At the movies’ and we have been learning how the music for a movie is put together. Our aim is to create a mini performance with the children creating their own music and choreographing their own moves. Recently we have been learning traditionally festive songs and are even learning to use sign language for one of them. I must also mention (again) how lovely some of the children’s singing voices are and how nice it is to hear them hold a note.

In Maths, we have focused on statistics, multiplication and division this half term. The children have been working with graphs and charts, data input and interpretation and different aspects of multiplication and division. Some children are really excelling and are starting to become more secure as we tackle each section of mathematics.

The children and I are absolutely loving our writing sessions in English. As I stated before, the new writing style is a hit and it is really bringing out the best in all of the children’s work.

In Reading, we are still using our VIPERS to practise explaining, predicting, retrieval and inference. We are using songs, poems, images and texts to acquire that specific information and the children are getting a good diet of different ways to access their comprehension.

In RE, we are still looking at different aspects of Christianity and what Christians believe. We are still making comparisons to different religions such as Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism and are still finding similarities and obvious differences that are still very interesting to both staff and children.

We have been looking at Belonging in PSHE and done a lot more written work to capture thoughts on different issues. We use lots of role play for different scenarios and the children continue working well together to find better solutions to help and support each other if they are in need of it.

We are creating our own web page in Computing and there are quite a few very talented children who I rely on as the class ‘experts’. We are mindful of online safety at all times and the children are sensible as they acquire these new skills and are able to apply some of them as they do work at home.

Once again, we are having another very exciting and challenging half term however, the children in Class 5 continue to rise to the challenge, are continuing to produce fantastic work and are still very excited about what lies ahead of us this year.

Mr Blackwood

December 2020


In Year 5 we have been looking at several topics within the curriculum and have made new and varied discoveries. During our Science lessons we have been learning about Animals including Humans; looking at Life Cycles, growth and taking an in depth look at the various stages of life.

In History we have been on a journey back in time to the Anglo-Saxon times. We have found out that although many call it the ‘Dark Ages’, there was plenty that we could discover such as the Sutton Hoo Treasure find, the Staffordshire Hoard and plenty of written evidence from various monks and learned people of that period.

Creating a marble run during Design and Technology has been fun learning and there has been lots of practical activities alongside reviewing and testing.

Our PE has been all about hockey. So far, we have learnt to hold the stick correctly, pass, dribble, shoot and we even have some budding goalkeepers on the cusp of an England call up, maybe!?

In Music we have been learning traditional hymns and creating our own verses to tunes that have been formerly establish. Within the lessons we have some beautiful singing voices who can definitely hold a note.

In Maths, initially we went back to basics but now are surging forward with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, Roman numerals and negative numbers. As we delve into each of these areas, we try to become as secure as possible so that when we revisit, we will be able to excel.

In English we are learning how to write using a new style. It has been beneficial to all children because they are getting a lot of enjoyment out of writing and are learning about the various sentence structures too.

In Reading we have been using our VIPERS to practise retrieval and inference. We are using songs, poems, images and texts to infer from and retrieve specific information.

We are looking predominantly at Christianity in RE and what Christians believe. However, we are constantly making comparisons to different religions such as Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism and have found some striking similarities that have impressed both staff and students.

We have been looking at Friendships in PSHE and done lots of role playing of different scenarios. The children excel at working together to find a better way to help each other if they are in need of support.

Online Safety has been an important theme and we have been tackling that in Computing. Secure passwords, learning how to borrow quotes from the internet and other ways to stay safe online have been covered and we will be looking at more ways to stay even safer in the coming week.

In short, we have had a very exciting and challenging half term however, our children in Class 5 have risen to the challenge, produced fantastic work and are looking forward to our journey that lies ahead of us for this year!

Mr Blackwood

October 2020