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Year 3

This Half Term our School Value focus is Pride. In Class 3, we have reinforced this value and applied it to our learning, attitudes and wider school environments. I am pleased to say every child in Class 3 has shown Pride by achieving a place on the recognition board. Well Done!

During Autumn 2, Class 3 have indulged into various areas of learning.

In PSHE, our topic for this term was ‘Celebrating Differences’. This topic offered lots of cross curricular links to Growth Mindset and to our School Value Pride. We have identified that ‘conflicts’ are a normal part of the cycle of life. The important factors are how we deal with the conflicts. Conflicts come in many different forms. We have identified as a class that there are strategies and steps we can take to overcome these is a sensible and responsible manner. These were highlighted through a range of class discussions and practical work. Class 3, decided that we must reinforce our learning into everyday life. We acknowledge the importance of looking after one another and being kind.

In Science, the class have been engrossed with learning about Rocks. We have enjoyed learning about fossils, types of rocks and even investigating different types of soil! Without Fossils, we would not have evidence to prove that Dinosaurs existed! Most recently, Class 3 have learnt about the extraordinary work of Mary Anning and how her contributions to the science world should be held with great respect and recognition.

This half- term, Class 3 have also had the opportunity to go back to the library. While at the Library, we had the opportunity to listen to the Librarian. She read us a lovely story and also informed us of the exciting reading opportunities the library offers during the half term. Class 3, were also given the opportunity to return their previous book and to borrow a new one.

Overall, it has been a fantastic Term. It has been wonderful to get to know and see all the children in Class 3 really settle in and meet the expectations and responsibility that Year 3 entails.

I hope you have a happy holiday and a happy new year! I am excited to see you all after the New Year!

All the Best,

Miss Kumari