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The children in class 2 have been very busy indeed and are learning so much. 

In English they have been introduced to non-chronological reports and we have focused on Big Cats, but in particular Cheetahs. They have planned and will write their own report based on Lions and are trying to include alliteration, adverbials and conjunctions to make our writing more interesting. 

In Maths, we have just completed a unit on statistics which involved drawing and interpreting tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. The children enjoyed it and was able to answer a range of questions based on the data. They will be moving on to geometry, which is 2D and 3D shapes and finding the properties of these. 

Our science lessons have looked at human diet and exercise. The children particularly finding their own pulse and undertaking a series of exercises to see which one made their heart work the hardest.  

Indoor P.E. has focused on health-related exercises and outdoor P.E. has focused on striking and fielding and being able to pass and receive a ball accurately and confidently. 

I think I’m enjoying the History lessons as much as Class 2. We have discovered so much about local heroes including the first Mayor of West Bromwich and how much he contributed to the area. We also used timelines to place people in the correct places. 

Class 2 have really started to enjoy their Art and Design lessons. They have looked at Marc Quinn, a British artist who uses his body parts to create art. The children had a go at sculpting their own hand using bread dough! They then covered them in PVA glue to preserve them. Hopefully, you’ll get the opportunity to see their creations. 

In computing, the children are learning about ‘preparing for turtle logo’, which is linked to algorithms (instructions) and being able to follow instructions. This is preparing them for creating their own algorithms using a computer programme after Easter. 

The children were so excited to go on our first visit this year to the library. They took part in a story-telling session and was able to choose a book to bring back to school. 

We had a visit from Safety Seymour, which educates children and families about the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home. The children participated in a range of practical activities and even got a free carbon monoxide tester. How cool is that! 

What a jam-packed week this is with British Science Week. The children have learnt about Plastic Pollution, created posters and carried out some investigations. They created some fantastic renewable energy or climate change diorama projects at home and these have been artistically displayed around school.  

This is just a taster of what we’ve have done and they are super amazing. Keep up the great work Year 2. ðŸ™‚

Mrs Fletcher

March 2022


Year 2 have had a great start back!

We have really got stuck into a new writing unit linked to the text The Building Boy by Ross Montgomery. 

This half term, children are focusing on Multiplication and Division and learning how to work out calculations using arrays, sharing, grouping and using a range of vocabulary linked to this. Hopefully, using Times Table Rockstars will help them gain greater confidence.

In PE, children have excelled at developing their football skills and also Gymnastics and balancing.

We are in the process of creating our own bunting in D&T and hope to create number bunting to help younger children learn counting to 10.

Animals including humans is our unit of work in science and children are learning a lot about different animals and growth. 

Some children have created some fantastic paper mache/craft animas for display.

We continue to strive to be our best and this is being shown every day in the work they producing. Keep up the good work Year 2. 👌😊


Mrs Fletcher

January 2022



What another busy half term for Class 2!

The children are enjoying their English and History lessons all about The Great Fire of London.

In English, they have written their own diary imagining that they lived on Pudding Lane at the time of the fire. In History, they are learning about the buildings and what made the fire spread so rapidly.

The children are looking forward to creating their homework project 3D Tudor houses. Can't wait to see what they look like. 

In Maths, we have just begun learning about money, recognising different coins, counting money and adding and subtracting different amounts. Maybe, they can go shopping and work out money totals.

We are continuing learning about the uses of everyday materials in Science and have learnt a lot about famous inventors like Charles Mackintosh, John Dunlop and John Macadams

The children are enjoying sequencing dance moves based on a given stimulus in PE and have worked in small groups to make up their own moves.

Well done Class 2 for another great half term. ??

Mrs Fletcher

Class 2



In Class 2, we have had such a busy half term but an enjoyable one!

In English, we planned and wrote our own story based on the book The Crow's Tale, which was about the crow who had bright rainbow-coloured feathers and lost them. They then wrote their own on how the crow could get his coloured feathers back. They absolutely loved it. We are currently writing about another bird, The Owl who was afraid of the dark.

Our maths lessons have focused on place value and addition and subtraction. We have looked at different ways numbers can be represented and also how we can solve different calculations as well as the 2s/5s/10s and 3 times tables.

Science is still focused on the uses of everyday materials, and we undertook investigations on which fabric would keep Humpty Dumpty safe. We wrapped hard-boiled eggs in different types of fabric and dropped them from the same height to see which ones would crack the least. The children really enjoyed that investigation. We also investigated the different materials we could find in our school environment.

Music lessons have been focused on beat and pitch using body percussion and percussion instruments.

Geography lessons this half term have been all about the seasons and weather. We made our own wind weather pictures and talked about the different types of wind we experience in the UK. The children were also able to link their Geography lessons to P.E. with orienteering and using compass points as well as doing health related exercises and increasing their heart rate with a bleep test.

R.E. lessons have looked at different religious celebrations and the children were able to share their own experience of celebrations they have been involved with.

In computing, children have looked at Online Safety and talked about what to do if we access things online that make them feel uncomfortable.

Class 2 made their own lunch boxes and also extended their learning with a D&T homework project linked to their learning in school. 

The children have really worked hard, and they all deserve a big well done. 

Keep up the hard work Class 2! ???? 

Mrs Fletcher

October 2021


What a busy start to the last half term for Class 2!

In English we began our sentence stacking lesson based on a book by Jeanne Willis called Stardust about sibling rivalry. The children really enjoyed the story and planned and wrote their own story based on a similar theme. We have now begun a new book called 'In My Heart: A book of Feelings' by Jo Witek, which is all about feelings. The children will then write their own lyrical explanation about their own feelings.

In Maths, we learnt how to find missing numbers linked to addition and subtraction and also describing and sorting 2D and 3D shapes.

Our outdoor P.E. lessons have been focused on Athletics, while indoor as have focused on orienteering and being able to list different points on a compass and show their knowledge of what a key is on a map.

Our Computing lessons linked well with the P.E. as the children continued learning about creating algorithms to make a turtle move in different directions and create shapes. They also began using the Scratch programme linked to coding and creating simple animations.

Science is all about Living things and their habitats. We have looked around our school environment and the edible playground to investigate microhabitats and minibeasts that live there. The children particularly enjoyed using the magnifying glass to take a closer look at ants, spider and worms!

The children are really loving Art and Design on creating sculptures and sculpted their own hand using flour dough as well as using recycled materials to make a monster. 

Music is always enjoyable as we make wonderful music with percussion and tuned instruments. Our units are Water and Travel. They have used glockenspiels and xylophones in order to perform a melody.

Mrs Fletcher, July 2021


Since returning to school after Easter, class 2 have been very busy indeed.

In English, we started our first poetry unit of work and children really enjoyed creating their own 'If I were in charge of the world poem'. We are in the process of editing, ready to begin rewriting them. One of their ideas would be to have only 2 days of school!

In Maths, we are learning how to add and subtract using a range of methods. The children are getting better at using the part-whole and bar models. They have been introduced to using new maths vocabulary like equation and addends.

In Science, we are learning about plants and next week we will plant our own seeds and bulbs using our new school edible garden.

Our Geography lessons are introducing us the wonders of the world. They have looked at famous rivers around the world. We hope to learn much more about our world and what makes it wonderful.

The children have really enjoyed Design and Technology as we tasted, evaluated, and made our own salad. I was really impressed with their peeling and grating skills. Maybe they can start helping in the kitchen at home!!

Keep up the hard work Class 2, Mrs Fletcher is proud of you.

Mrs Fletcher, May 2021


What a busy half term Year 2 have had!

In English we have been learning how to write a postcard. In Maths, we have been using a range of methods to add and subtract numbers including exchanging. This has been a challenge but we have enjoyed using the concrete resources to help.

We are really enjoying our History lessons, particularly learning about The Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We are now going to continue our learning about The Great Fire of London. Watch this space for our homework project linked to this unit of work

We have looked at and explored different places of worship and objects we would see there in R.E. 

In Science, we have seen how materials can be used and has improved how lives through inventors like John Dunlop, Charles Mcintosh and John McAdams.

Our music lessons have explored rhythm and beat. What a musical and rhythmic lot Year 2 are! We have used instruments and body percussion to play a beat. We found this so much fun.

Well done Year 2 – keep up the good work!

Mrs Fletcher

December 2020


Class 2 have had a busy, exciting half term!

We have particularly enjoyed Music, Science, Design & Technology, and Geography.

In Music, we have explored pitch, duration, and appropriate forms of notation. We learnt about how mood can be expressed using the voice and instruments. 

In Science, we identified and compared the suitability of a variety of everyday materials. In fact, went on a discovery walk around the school grounds to identify materials and their uses!

In Geography, we discussed the different types of weather around the UK, what clothes we would wear in specific seasons and went outside to find out which direction the wind was coming from.

We also designed and made our own lunch containers in design and technology.

We are very proud of our wonderful children who have made a truly fantastic start to the new school year!


Mrs Fletcher

October 2020