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This half term, the children have been learning all about festivals and celebrations. We have learnt about Diwali, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Christmas. We have been learning about shapes and numbers 4 and 5. The children participated in a Children in need fun day and we raised £275.00!

We have been busy learning all about ICT and how to operate a mouse and use the program paint.  

A few weeks ago, a spaceship landed in our classroom! The children have loved investigating different materials and using magnets and making their own spaceships.

It has been a very busy half term and we look forward to learning all about Christmas over the next few weeks.

Mrs Urso-Iezzi & Miss Whitlock

December 2020


Reception have settled into their new class very well! The children have formed good friendships with one another and excellent relationships with their teachers.

We have been learning all about ourselves and sharing all the things that make us unique and special.

We have started teaching phonics and maths and enjoying our very own Tesco shop and builders yard role play area and reading in our fantastic reading jungle. Throughout the half term we have had a big focus on children’s personal, social and emotional development, including participating in the mental health day. We understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on some children and have promoted the importance of keeping ourselves and our minds healthy. The children have learnt all about the season Autumn and what happens to the weather and the trees during this time of year.

It has been such a fun half term getting to know you all and your teachers have really enjoyed learning all about you.


Mrs Urso & Miss Whitlock

October 2020