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This half term Reception have been learning all about traditional tales. We have focused on a range of texts which have enabled the children to share a love of reading, understand and retell stories and learn about characters and emotions. It has been incredible to see the children take on the roles of the characters and share this across all areas of learning. The children have been learning about measuring height and length in Maths and the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. 

We have enjoyed celebrating world book day as a class and sharing our favourite stories. The children have also taken part in reading week, science week and Red Nose Day activities. 

It has been a fun filled half term and it has been amazing to celebrate the children's learning throughout Spring. Keep up the fantastic work Reception. 

Miss Whitlock

March 2022


Throughout Spring 1, we have focused our learning on the theme People who Help Us. We began by talking about superheroes and how they help people in cartoons, films and books. We then learnt about the everyday heroes and the different occupations they have. We found out about a range of roles across our country that help people In need. Such as mountain rescue and the RNLI. We now know how to call for help in case of an emergency. 

Over the course of this half term, we have been learning about the numbers 6, 7 and 8 and how to sort into these groups. We have learnt all of our SET 1 phonics sounds and are working really hard now with reading and writing sentences. 

In P.E we have enjoyed practicing skills such as throwing, catching, stretching and balancing. 

It has been an exciting half term and we look forward to Spring 2.

Miss Whitlock

January 2022



This half term we have enjoyed becoming more confident in our school environment. We now know all our set 2 phonics sounds and are beginning to blend sounds together. In maths we have been learning all about 2D shapes and numbers 4 and 5. Over the course of the half term, we have enjoyed reading many different stories such we're going on a bear hunt. We have been very busy and all worked so hard.

We have just started our rehearsals for our Christmas nativity. 

Well done to everyone in Reception for working so hard!

Miss Cartwright

December 2021


This half term we have enjoyed settling into our new class and our new school routine. We have started our phonics journey and are learning our sounds very well. In maths we have been learning all about measuring and number ordering. We have begun our P.E Lessons and enjoy practising different ways of moving, catching and throwing.

Over the course of the half term, we have enjoyed reading many different stories and talking about the different aspects of stories. It has been a very busy half term with lots of wonderful learning.

Well done to all of the children for an incredible start to the school year.

Miss Whitlock

October 2021



This term our children in Reception have made fantastic progress in all areas of learning. The Children have come back from the lockdown so enthusiastic and keen to learn. We have enjoyed learning about traditional tales and this has given us opportunities to enjoy stories in depth and talk about characters, feelings and emotions. We have been writing some exciting sentences and even changed the endings to some of our favourite stories.

We have been working really hard with phonics to ensure the children are making as much progress as possible, ready for Year 1. The children are fantastic at writing labels and captions to help look after the plants in the garden.

We have begun to do P.E sessions, all children are learning to get themselves changed independently and engage in high quality sessions where we challenge ourselves and learn new skills.

We are spending lots of time outdoors, looking after our nature garden, planting seeds and watering the soil. We can’t wait to see what grows.

We have had a fantastic term so far; the Teachers are extremely proud of how well the children have responded to the changes of return after lockdown. We look forward to an enjoyable Summer term.

Well done Reception, Keep up the incredible work.

Mrs Urso & Miss Whitlock, May 2021


This half term, the children have been learning all about festivals and celebrations. We have learnt about Diwali, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Christmas. We have been learning about shapes and numbers 4 and 5. The children participated in a Children in need fun day and we raised £275.00!

We have been busy learning all about ICT and how to operate a mouse and use the program paint.  

A few weeks ago, a spaceship landed in our classroom! The children have loved investigating different materials and using magnets and making their own spaceships.

It has been a very busy half term and we look forward to learning all about Christmas over the next few weeks.

Mrs Urso-Iezzi & Miss Whitlock

December 2020


Reception have settled into their new class very well! The children have formed good friendships with one another and excellent relationships with their teachers.

We have been learning all about ourselves and sharing all the things that make us unique and special.

We have started teaching phonics and maths and enjoying our very own Tesco shop and builders yard role play area and reading in our fantastic reading jungle. Throughout the half term we have had a big focus on children’s personal, social and emotional development, including participating in the mental health day. We understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on some children and have promoted the importance of keeping ourselves and our minds healthy. The children have learnt all about the season Autumn and what happens to the weather and the trees during this time of year.

It has been such a fun half term getting to know you all and your teachers have really enjoyed learning all about you.


Mrs Urso & Miss Whitlock

October 2020