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  • Maths

    Subject Expectations:   Mathematics

    Subject leader: Miss R Foley

    Who teaches the subject?

    Class teachers are responsible for the teaching of the Mathematics Curriculum.

    How is the subject recorded? 

    EYFS: Staff make observations of pupils. Photographic evidence of statements can be uploaded to Tapestry.

    KS1 & KS2: Maths book.

    Photographic evidence of practical work is often printed and recorded in pupils’ books to showcase their wider learning experiences

    How is the subject taught?

    • School adopts a mastery approach to teaching Mathematics.
    • CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, abstract) supports building pupils’ conceptual knowledge which supports their procedural knowledge.
    • Pupils move through the curriculum at broadly the same pace with opportunities for scaffold and challenge as necessary. 

    How is the subject assessed?

    • Day-to-day live marking and feedback supports pupils’ making good progress within lessons. 
    • Assessment for learning based on observations, key questioning and discussion, used to inform lesson planning and used to evaluate attainment at the end of each unit of work.   
    • Termly summative assessment which provides Maths ages (NTS) 

    How is the subject planned for?

    Use of White Rose which provides progressive planning of skills and knowledge which teachers adapt to suit their class’s needs. 
    • Teachers use the DFE ‘Ready to Progress’ documents to supplement and support with planning for pupils’ next steps where gaps in knowledge are identified.


    The Five Big Ideas of Mastery


    Parent guides

    Maths Useful Websites


    free to use and you can register whole classes, using only student’s initials;

    Lots of Maths and English resources, interactive activities, worksheets, etc.

    Able to set homework at differentiated levels.



    A really good site for rich maths activities, problem solving children's solutions and teacher’s guide for support and extension activities.

    Lots of ‘low threshold, high ceiling’ tasks.



    Whiteboard resources, interactive games and timed differentiated challenges such as Speed Challenge and Hit the Button


    The Mathematics Shed

    Lots of real life Maths some really good stuff based around money, shopping, telling the time etc.  with images.


    Davlae Resources

    A free UK site with flashcards, times tables challenges, problem solving cards, create your own Sudoku grids  and 2 minute challenges.  Also has a range of resources for different subjects.



    Main site requires a  subscription, but there are a number of free puzzles and games and you can create a login to access more free resources.


    Maths Mansion

    TV Series probably most suitable for KS3 students in which Maths challenges are presented in an unusual way.


    Gary Hall Maths Resources

    I’m not sure who Gary Hall is but he has spent an awful lot of time putting this together. Basically, you choose the year/strand you’re teaching, click on it and it takes you straight to suggested activities from a range of resources that will cover that objective- brilliant!


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