Class 3 went to The Black Country Museum. It wasn’t like a normal museum it was set up as a village. We had so much fun, we went first to the school.
We were treated like Victorian kids. When we got into the school we met a headteacher called Mrs Griffiths. She was very strict if you were talking you would get hit with the cane. Then we had to practice our ABC backward, it was a little bit easy. Next we had to write in copperplate handwriting. It was hard.
Most of us visited the street games that Victorian children played in the street. They played with a hoop and stick which was made out of metal. It was really tricky to push the hoop along the street. Also, we played with a ball and cup which was made
out of wood and not plastic.
After lunch we went down the mines to know about life as a miner. We had an instructor to guide us around underground. We saw coal miners talking about mining. It was entertaining but very dark in the mine.
We had an amazing time at the museum and learned loads about the lives of Victorian children.