Wednesday 8th March- Reception are learning about people who help us this term. This week, a PCSO came to visit us in reception. The children enjoyed learning lots about how they help people in the community.



Ice Worlds

Reception have been learning all about our new topic “Ice Worlds”. To start off our exciting new theme we followed some footsteps into our Igloo and found a polar bear from Antarctica! He had written a letter to us asking us to look after him throughout the Winter, we had to learn all about polar bears and all about Antarctica to be able to look after him properly. We have enjoyed investigating ice, and how to make it melt, we have created lots of Igloo’s so Peter has somewhere to live, and we have packed Miss Whitlock and Miss Urso a suitcase so they can travel to Antarctica to take Peter back when winter ends. It’s been a busy start to 2017 but we can’t wait to learn more about Ice Worlds over the next few weeks .